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Our mission

Your notes are done by the end of your shift

Stay on top of notes
Our digital scribe uses AI to generate complete, veterinary SOAP notes within minutes of your appointment.
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Leave your work, at work
Spend twenty minutes instead of two hours on notes — without missing a detail.
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How it works

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Step 1.

Record your appointment

Dictate your notes, or directly record an appointment on web or mobile. No need to speak a certain way or use special equipment. Off-topic conversations will be automatically filtered out.
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Step 2.

Don't miss a bleat

Include your tech’s history, or read back lab results. Switch patients as required, and come back to continue where you left off. There’s no limit to the number of recordings or patients you can manage.
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Step 3.

We'll handle the notes

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When you’ve recorded everything you want to include, hit finish and we’ll take care of the rest. Your notes will be ready for you in minutes.

A bespoke service, made exclusively for veterinarians

Customizable templates

No one knows your notes better than you

We tailor our output to match your existing templates, so your notes stay consistent and familiar.
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Draft client email

Ensure your client has all the details

We always include a draft discharge email you can send to your client, with medical jargon expertly converted into client-friendly language.
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AI built for vets

Pets may not understand, but we do

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Our AI is custom-built to precisely capture veterinary terminology and medications. We build exclusively for vets, so we can focus on what matters to you.

Got questions? We've got answers

Do I need to speak a certain way to get my notes back?

Nope! With ScribbleVet, you can conduct your appointment as you usually would. Small-talk and off-topic conversation will be automatically filtered out. Unlike other dictation services, we don't need you to speak your punctuation, spell the names of medications, or worry about `erms` and `uhms`.

In what ways can I customize my outputs?

Many ways! We can update sections to be in complete sentences or bullet points, add or remove sections, and better arrange outputs to match your current note structure or PIMS. Additionally, many users like to customize their physical exam templates to include specific normals. For example, "General appearance: BAR" or "Musculoskeletal: No evidence of lamenes".

I am a ______ vet. Will ScribbleVet still work for me?

Yes! We support vets from all specialties, from general practice and emergency to other specialties, and small animal to equine.

Do I need to buy special equipment?

There's no need for any additional equipment to use ScribbleVet. You can record via our app and website, so you can use it from your own phone or computer. We also support recording uploads, so you can use your own recording device/equipment and upload those audio files for us to process.

Do you integrate with my PIMS?

Not yet! But vets using ScribbleVet still find they save hours every week. Our website makes it easy to copy-paste the sections you need into your systems. Since our draft notes require minimal editing, it only takes 30 seconds to go from appointment to completed record.

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Hear directly from our users


Dr. Stacie Anderson

"Overall raving reviews, I love it and can barely envision my life moving forward without it."
Coronado Veterinary Hospital →
A picture of Dr. Stacie Anderson

Dr. Nathan Kirkpatrick

"Scribble is amazing technology! It really understands vetmed and lets my technicians keep their hands free to focus on the patient instead of taking notes."
Associated Veterinary Clinic →
A picture of Dr. Nathan Kirkpatrick
Medical Director

Dr. Kate Wissel

"The technology is amazing to me! It does a good job of filtering out the idle chit chat and catching the important points of an exam. I would say it's saving me about 5-7 minutes per patient, which is HOURS of time saved over the course of a week!"
Common Wealth Vet →
A picture of Dr. Kate Wissel

Dr. Georgia Jeremiah

"As an emergency vet, I see a high volume of patients in quick succession. Scribble makes it so much easier and quicker to keep track of it all and provide detailed notes for the next vet taking over care."
Furmacy →
A picture of Dr. Georgia Jeremiah
Medical Director

Dr. Heather Rae

"I trialed Scribble and I am IN LOVE! This service is going to positively impact my professional life so much and I am incredibly grateful. THANK YOU!!"
The Fix Machine →
A picture of Dr. Heather Rae

Dr. Sabrina Stone

"I have been seeing extra appointments as doctors are sick this week and am still keeping up on charts. It's awesome."
Arvada Flats →
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