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What's new at ScribbleVet

Check out the latest updates and enhancements we've made based on your valuable feedback. Got a feature idea or improvement? Let us know and help us make ScribbleVet even better for vets like yourself!

June 20, 2024

Faster and better formatted dictation template

We updated the "formatted dictation" template to make it both faster and smarter. You should see an improvement in Scribble's understanding of the nature of the dictation and formatting it appropriately, as well as in how quickly we return the notes.

New copy all formatting option

When copying your notes over to your PIMS, you now have a third option which will remove all bolding when copying and pasting. We also added instructions on how each copy format will paste in the Copy All menu. Play around with these settings to see which one works best for your PIMS.

June 13, 2024

  • Formatted dictation template
  • Password sign-in option
  • Tip: Edit patient names
  • Tip: ezyVet formatting

Introducing formatted dictation

Our new "formatted dictation" template lets you quickly capture lab results or transfer notes. Simply dictate directly into ScribbleVet and you’ll get a nicely formatted note back.

To use this template, hit the pencil button on an appointment and change the template to "Formatted dictation."

Instructions on how to use formatted dictation template

Log in with your email and password

You can now choose to log in with an email address and password instead of a one-time code. This update simplifies the implementation of ScribbleVet across your practice, allowing vet techs and support staff easy access to the platform as well. It also makes it simpler to switch between doctors on the same device.

Set your password from the website settings page.

New login page

Potato? Potahto? Edit your patient's name

Did auto-correct misspell your patient's name? You can update the name from the "Patients" menu. You can also add additional details like last name or ID to each patient's profile to differentiate between all the "Fluffys" on your patient roster.

Set your patients' name from the patients tab.

Instructions on how to edit a patient's name

For ezyVet users: Keep your bolded abnormals

Want to keep bolded abnormals when copying your notes to ezyVet? Use the “Copy All” button and choose “Plain text” when copying to paste with asterisks and maintain bolding. After you’ve selected “Plain text” once, all of the individual sections’ copy buttons will also copy in plain text.

Instructions on how to use copy all feature

June 4, 2024

  • Iterative note generation
  • Ability to review and archive notes
  • Tip: Move audio recordings
  • Tip: Skip adding a patient when creating appointments

Scribble again and again

Now, you can record audio, generate a note, and then add more recordings to update the note as needed. Perfect for when technicians take a pet's history or you want your notes while juggling multiple appointments.

Change of finish button to scribble button

Review and archive your notes

After you finish editing your notes, you can tap the ‘Mark Reviewed’ button to indicate that your notes are ready to be copied into your clinic’s PIMS. Once copied, use the ‘Archive’ button to help clear it from your appointment list!

How to review and archive a note

Your notes can be accident-free

Made a mistake while recording? No problem! You can easily move audio files between appointments. You also have the option to delete appointments without any recordings and patients without any associated records, helping you keep your data organized and clutter-free.

Instructions on how to move audio files

Skip the details, start recording

Did you know that you can skip adding patient details and go straight to recording when creating a new appointment? This is especially useful for emergency vets and urgent care settings, allowing you to capture important information first and handle administrative tasks later.

Option to skip adding patient name


  • We've updated our Privacy Policy. Please take a moment to review them to understand how we protect your data and privacy.
  • Improvements to the AI to reduce incorrect placement of details in the history.
  • Performance and bug fixes to improve the reliability of the service.
  • Made changes to reduce impact of call interruptions on iOS.